Thursday, July 19, 2007

Tagalog Introductions Episode 2

Episode 2 discussed common phrases used in making introductions.

In this episode we used the phrases

Ang pangalan ko ay _______ - This phrase is used to introduce one's self. It literally means, 'my name is.' So if your name is John and you want to introduce yourself in Tagalog, you can say 'Ang pangalan ko ay JOHN'.

Ako si _________ - This can be used to introduce yourself as well. It literally translates into 'I am' and is followed by a name. So if your name is John, then can say 'Ako si JOHN.'

Ano ang pangalan mo? - This inquiry is made when you want to ask for the name of the person you are conversing with. It translates into 'what is your name?'

**Pangalan - Name

Anong pangalan mo? - Filipinos often contract their words. As depicted on the left, the phrase means exactly the same as 'Ano ang pangalan mo?' except we merged the 'ano' and 'ang' words.

Ang pangalan niya ay _______ - This phrase is used to introduce your companion or any such person you can pinpoint. This is because the phrase literally means 'His/Her name is ______.' So if you are trying to introduce someone named JOHN, you would say, 'Ang pangalan niya ay JOHN.'

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