Thursday, July 19, 2007

Tagalog Greetings Episode 1

Episode 1 discussed some basic Tagalog greetings that we thought Filipinos use often.

In this lesson, we talked about these particular words:

Kamusta / Kumusta - A common substitute for 'hi' or 'hello', although the literal translation of this word is 'How goes?'

Mabuti - This is a reply to the inquiry posed by 'Kamusta'. If you are feeling good or well and want to reply in Tagalog, 'Mabuti' is an apt response. It literally means 'well' or 'good'.

Magandang Umaga - These two words constitute the Tagalog translation of the English 'Good Morning'. The word 'maganda' literally means 'beautiful', while 'umaga' translates into morning.

Magandang Hapon - As we have learned previously, 'maganda' means beautiful. 'Hapon' simply means 'afternoon'.

Magandang Gabi - 'Gabi,' in turn, means 'night' or 'evening'.

Paalam - Goodbye

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