Sunday, August 30, 2009

Welcome back, everyone!


I've been terribly busy-- got married, had a baby, moved apartments-- but we're getting back on track this week! I'll be opening up a new email account with 'email support,' which means you guys will be able to email me and ask me questions and I'll respond in 24 hours! Also, I'll be starting a Learn Tagalog Easy newsletter that you guys can subscribe to, just so you can get the most recent news on the status of our podcast. You can also recommend topics that you would like to learn or clarify issues that you might have with speaking/learning Tagalog.

I've been lucky enough to marry an audio guy, so hopefully it will help the quality of our podcast.

Thanks for the wonderful feedback you guys have sent so far, and hopefully you guys will tune in to our new podcasts coming your way starting this week!