Thursday, July 19, 2007

Learn Tagalog Easy Episode 5

Learn Tagalog Easy episode 5 talked about the various phrases we found you can use often when you travel to the Philippines but is also free to use in everyday affairs.

These are the phrases we used in that episode:

Salamat - Thank you

Walang Anuman - You're welcome

Nasaan Ang _______- Where is (pertaining to a place or object)

Nasaan Si ________- Where is (pertaining to a person, male or female)

Magkano 'to*? - How much is this?

* contraction of 'ITO' meaning 'this'.

'Wag* - Don't.

* contraction of the word 'HUWAG'

Kahapon - Yesterday

Ngayon - Today, Now

Bukas - Tomorrow

Mamaya - Later

Kanina - Earlier

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